Funky Fridays

Afternoon everyone, it’s been a while since I last did a blog post – I apologise, But – I am back, I’m in a better place again and have decided to start this up again. 

The issue with M.E is every single day is unpredictable and can be the best day ever or the worst day ever – I literally have to take each day as it comes which as you can imagine is extremely frustrating and makes me unreliable. I dread making plans incase I have to cancel on the day, or incase I fall asleep after being up all night and miss the plans. 

As you can imagine – this causes quite a bit of stress which then in turn, makes me more ill, it’s a vicious cycle and can be an awful trap to fall into (which I’ve done plenty of times) 

I guess it’s the act of anticipating I’m going to be ill, gets me stressed and then I end up ill – I suppose it’s a form of anxiety – does anyone else experience this? 

Moving on! Haha, it’s Friday! My favourite day of the week, I love Fridays, there’s an unbeatable energy in the air that just makes it a universally happy day. It’s very difficult to be sad on a Friday – i can’t be the only one that feels this way. I guess it stems from being an empath. 

I’ve not got much else to say apart from I’m back! But one last thing, today was extra happy as I got a some post I’ve been dying to get my hands on, I’m going to post a review over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled!