I’ve not posted in a while, so apologies! I’ve been really struggling with my M.E and the side effects, mainly insomnia ATM, I’m like a walking zombie. 

Doctor has given me a new tablet to try which is a pain killer and makes you drowsy so hopefully that does the trick and I’m back to ‘normal’ soon.

Not much has been happening as I’ve been focused on ‘getting better’ and have been resting almost 24/7.

I’ve done a few shoots in the studio with Sean Taylor photography here’s the results – he makes me look well lol!

 I have also found a new obsession for wax melts – I’m serious guys, this stuff is the bomb. Yeah alright I’m a 90s kid I can still say that! 

I’ll attach some pics but because I joined as a Brand Ambassador I got over 100 melts – which will be why I’m hooked!! Oops, owell!! The company is called Darceys and they handmake the lot. It’s all made with soy wax which means no paraffin or nasty chemicals. It’s also cruelty free if you’re vegan. 

Plus the packaging is super cute! Always a bonus.
Over and out



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