Pancake day and dodgy knees

My knees have been playing up something chronic the last two days, it’s like they seize up – really weird. However I’ve invested in a deep tissue foam roller to hopefully help keep the blood flowing and ease the tension in my spine/back as that’s also been bad the last three days! Let’s see if it improves with use of my new toy. 
So wooo pancake day was yesterday! I ate my weight in pancakes, however I rely on the microwaveable packs and they’re just as good with minimal effort! Would recommend, it meant I could happily take part in pancake day and still do everything I needed too (go to the post office, supermarket and walk the puppers *3 gold stars for me*).

The best thing happened though, shout out to Asda and their yellow stickers – I got a 5 pack of jam donuts for 26p! And when I opened it there was 6 donuts, buzzing!

My sleep is still all over the place but getting better, I was asleep from 5pm-1.30am then 5am – 11.00 hoping for an early night tonight and getting back to normal!

Whatever normal is…